Why personal training is for you.

  • Free Private consultation with an experienced personal trainer
  • Functional movement & mobility testing
  • State of the art body metric system -3d body scan
  • Health & wellness assessment
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Strength – training
  • Fat-Burning
  • One-to-one personal training

But most importantly, you will have a fully qualified and professional personal trainer to work with you every step of the way. If you’re looking for personal trainers in Dublin, contact us now.

Why personal training could be for you.

Do you seek motivation or experienced advice to reach your health and fitness goals or zone in on your training to get best possible results?

Do you have pain/injury that is a hassle or niggle and would like to finally get rid of living your life with this ‘weakness’ FCF Gym will guide you back to being strong and healthy.

Are you a young athlete striving to get an edge and become fitter, faster, stronger, and move better?

50 and over and either want to change up your training routine or start a new journey, ask yourself, ‘If not now, when?

Are you looking to lose weight fast AND FOR GOOD while toning up. We have the correct approach that will be individualised and tailored towards you. Along with plenty of goals in different areas to keep you on track and never lacking motivation.